Esme’s Umbrella is the Campaign Group for everyone working towards a greater awareness of the Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS).

The condition causes sufferers to see images which are not real. These ‘visual hallucinations’ are caused by loss of sight – but not everyone with low vision develops the condition.

For those who do, CBS can be frightening and debilitating – not least because it may be confused mistakenly with the onset of dementia. For this reason too many people suffer in silence.

The aims of Esme’s Umbrella are:

  • To raise awareness and understanding of CBS among medical practitioners of all specialties.
  • To give information about CBS itself and offer comfort, reassurance and practical advice to those who have developed the condition.
  • To host results of on-going research and share new medical discoveries.

Did you Hear Judith Potts and Dr Dominic ffytche discussing
CBS on Inside Health BBC Radio 4 on 23rd Feb at 9pm and
again on the 24th at 3.30pm? If not link here.

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