Esme’s Umbrella offers a safe shelter for anyone suffering from the Charles Bonnet Syndrome, their families and friends.

For them our website provides:

  1. An explanation of the Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) – current understanding of what it is, why it happens and the latest research results. We would encourage all researchers and members of the medical profession to send us their work, their views on CBS and their suggestions for those living with the condition.
  2. A printable leaflet which can be shown to the GP if you think you or a member of your family has developed the Syndrome – including a link to our website and the medical research. Not all GPs are fully aware of the signs and symptoms of the Syndrome and how they differ from other conditions.
  3. Patients’ own stories and experiences, coping mechanisms and contact details for local support groups and charities who can help. At the moment Sheffield hosts the only support group in the country but our plan is to see many more on the map.
  4. A search for Ambassadors for Esme’s Umbrella – people who understand the condition (either from a medical aspect or as a sufferer) – who will actively spread the word.